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8mmtoDVD.com is the nation's largest provider of Super 8 and 8mm film transfers to DVD and digital. The 8mm and Super 8 formats were widely used to capture memories from the 1930s through the 1980s, and we can preserve those memories by converting your 8mm film to a longer-lasting, easier-to-enjoy format.

Consider 8mmtoDVD.com for your 8mm to DVD project based on the following:

Experience - We have transferred over 48 million feet of 8mm to DVD since our founding in 2002. We have been awarded 11 Gold Star Awards by the Better Business Bureau and are Accredited A+, which is the highest rating given for a film to DVD transfer provider.

Prices - We offer prices which are simple to understand, all-inclusive, and among the lowest available, starting at just $8.99 per reel. Some other companies charge setup fees, splicing fees, per-foot charges, and many other add-ons that make the whole process very confusing.

Quality - Using equipment we build ourselves, we convert 8mm film to DVD with stunning quality. We directly image the surface of your film, so there is no screen texture and therefore more clarity. 

Backup Storage - 8mmtoDVD.com archives your 8mm to DVD transfer footage at no extra charge, which provides an extra layer of protection in case you lose or break your DVD, or just want additional copies later.

Speed - We have a quick turnaround time of about six (6) business days from the time we receive your order until we ship it back out.

BBB Accredited - We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited business and have an A+ rating with the BBB. We take customer service and satisfaction extremely seriously, and our record with the BBB shows that.

Trusted by Independent Retailers - We serve as a third-party service provider for well over 100 independent 8mm transfer companies because they recognize our outstanding combination of quality, price, and fast turnaround time in converting 8mm to DVD. However, our focus firmly remains on serving customers directly.

Our Transfer Process:

8mm to DVD image
Actual Frame from One of Our Transfers

There are many methods to transfer 8mm film to DVD, and we experimented with all of them before deciding on the process we use today. We first backlight the 8mm film with a low-power diffused light source. This eliminates the super-hot projector bulb, so your film will not be burned or scorched. Then, using a device that essentially acts as a magnifying glass, we image the surface of the 8mm film directly. There is no wall, no screen, and no plastic between the 8mm film and our imaging equipment; therefore, you will get a precise replication of your 8mm film with no flicker, distortion, or screen texture. Your 8mm or Super 8 film will look even better than it does on a standard projection, because the screen adds texture and reduces resolution. In addition, we will remove the film gates on our equipment, so you will see 10 to 15 percent more of the 8mm image than you can on a projector.

Our professional imaging equipment provides accurate color resolution and reproduction for your 8mm to DVD transfer. We also automatically adjust the exposure throughout each film reel, which lightens dark scenes and darkens overexposed film. Furthermore, our DVDs are written at a speed of 10Mbps, which is a faster data rate than most DVDs are burned; this ensures immaculate video quality with no blocking, artifacts, or pixelation. We proudly compare our 8mm to DVD transfer quality with any other method.

Each 8mm movie reel will be given its own chapter on the DVD menu, with a random thumbnail image from the reel along with a brief title if you provide one. You can either scroll down to a particular movie reel you want to view, or simply watch the DVD all the way through from the beginning. The DVD includes a custom label with your title, packaged in a black plastic hardcase with a labeled insert. We use archive quality Verbatim brand DVD media, which has a useful life of over 100 years, according to the manufacturer.

We will also store a copy of your DVD in our archive, filed under your name and accessible only at your request. This lets us create extra copies of your film at a future date. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your memories are safe even if the disc and/or your original 8mm reels become damaged or destroyed.

8mm to DVD image
Actual Frame from One of Our Transfers

How to Order:

  • If you want your 8mm reels in a particular order on the DVD, just number the boxes or reels clearly in the sequence you want them.
  • If you want disc menu titles for each of your 8mm reels, create a numbered list with the titles you want for each reel. Reel titles are limited to 15 characters including spaces.
  • Complete the order form and print it out so it can be included in your shipment to us. Note that our shipping address is at the top of the order form.
  • Package your reels and order form. We strongly recommend using a box and not a padded mailer. We suggest using FedEx or UPS for security, and so that you can track your shipment to us.
  • Relax. Once we receive your order, we will transfer your 8mm to DVD and ship it the original film and DVD back to you in about 6 business days. We charge the credit card on your order form the day we ship your order. UPS or FedEx will also email you a tracking number for our return shipment.
  • Click Here to Order Now.

Don't forget that our service includes storing an ARCHIVED COPY of your DVD, accessible only by you, in case you would like to order additional copies in the future.

8mm to DVD image
Actual Frame from One of Our Transfers

Why our method is better than frame by frame:

In a frame-by-frame transfer, each frame of the film is captured separately, then reassembled with computer-editing software to create a video with moving images. The problem is that 8mm film is intended to be played on a projector with internal spinning blades. These blades rotate in front of the film each time a frame goes by (this happens far faster than we can see) and create an illusion of smooth, continuous action. Without these blades, the motion of 8mm film seems jittery and choppy, which is exactly the result you get with a frame-by-frame transfer. With our 8mm to DVD transfer method, however, the motion of the image is much smoother and more natural because we use the spinning blades in the correct fashion.

Why High Definition will not improve the look of your 8mm film transfer:

Some companies have recently begun to offer HD transfers of 8mm and Super8 film, at a significantly higher price than what we charge. However, it’s important to bear in mind that 8mm film is not a high-definition format to begin with. The smallest level of detail visible in 8mm film is the individual film grains. Because our transfer process brings out that level of detail in the 8mm film, using HD equipment will not bring out more detail or enhance the image clarity.
Another problem with HD transfers is the screen shape. HD is a widescreen, 16:9 format, while 8mm film is a 4:3 shape, like old-fashioned tube televisions. To fit the standard 4:3 boxy shape of 8mm film to a wide HD screen shape, it is necessary to either cut off the top and bottom of the 8mm film frame, or add color bars to the sides of the HD screen.

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