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1. Complete all information in both sections below, then print the form. If you have any questions, call us toll free at (866) 331-4285.
2. If desired, put your reels in chronological order and write a number series on the reels, starting with #1 and ending with the last reel.
3. If desired, write brief titles (max. 15 characters and spaces) on each reel, or on the back of this page corresponding to the reel numbers.
4. Securely box both the reels and the order form and ship them to the following address (we highly recommend UPS or Fedex):

84 Needham Street
Suite 130
Newton, MA 02461

Customer and Payment information:

Name: Credit Card Type: Visa MC Discover
Street Address: Credit Card Number*:
Street Line 2: Expiration Date:
City: 3-digit CVV code
State: Sign here after printing:
Zip: Email address:

Order Information:

Number of 3 inch (50 foot) reels at $ 8.99 each
Number of 5 inch (200 foot) reels at $33.00 (if full)
Number of 6 inch (300 foot) reels at $47.00 (if full)
Number of 7 inch (400 foot) reels at $61.00 (if full)
Master title of disc: (example: “Smith Family Memories”)
Do you want your reels in a particular order?
(If yes, please write a legible number sequence on the reels.)
Yes No
Desired format (will be DVD if none checked)

DVD Customer Provided Hard Drive (additional charge)

Number of additional copies ($10 per disc)
*Please note that we do not store your card number in any electronic format. However, if you are uncomfortable entering or enclosing your card number, please write “call me” in the space for your card number. This may delay your order if we can’t reach you immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We add a $16 return shipping charge (UPS or Fedex ground) for all orders under $400. Minimum order amount is $15.




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84 Needham Street
Suite 130
Newton, MA 02461