Slides to data DVD or USB

Slides to DVD expertly scans your photographic slides to individual JPEGs on a data DVD or USB. You can then edit, print or email your slides easily so it is a fantastic way to way to preserve your valued memories.

Slides to DVD will also scan your photographic slides at a high resolution of 2000 dpi. Using state-of-the-art professional equipment, these scans include color and exposure adjustment, and cleaning, so dust and other flaws are significantly reduced. We will then save these scanned individual JPEG image files to a data DVD or USB (Thumb drive). Once they are preserved in this format you can edit your images, email them, print them, or use them in video editing applications.

Slides Scanned to JPEG Files Pricing

  • 59 cents per slide
  • 2000 dpi on professional scanners
  • Total control over the image, just like a digital photo

We add $15 for UPS or FedEx ground return shipping for all orders under $400.
Minimum order charge is $15.
Sales tax added for Texas customers.

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